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"Attention to details" is an inborn skill and cannot be acquired. Our team of experts ensure our editors take the targets of finding the minutest of errors in the cleanest of documents. We are well-versed with various global standards for copy editing courses, eBooks and other training materials.

The Challenges?

  • An expert in a subject may be proficient with that subject but may not be as proficient with English as the language
  • How to ensure that a book or a document meets the standards such as APA and Chicago

The Solution

  • Our edit reviews ensure that the content is sound grammatically, is clear and concise and meets the language requirements
  • Out team of copy editors ensure that the document adheres to the different citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago and so on

How PactolusIT Makes The Difference?

  • We carefully and meticulously analyse the document(s) and edit the content to improve its readability, clarity, accuracy, presentation and consistency
  • We do copy editing and proofreading for various documents such as thesis, manuscripts, illustrations, white papers, technical presentations, proposals, marketing collaterals, website contents, user manuals, eBooks and instructional guides
  • We have a very efficient team of copy editors and proof-readers proficient in finalising documents
  • Our team ensures that the intended meaning of the author is maintained in the documents along with its confidentiality