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Corporate Training


In today's extremely competitive scenario, a corporate Trainer needs to be versed with all the latest trade standards & Practices. PactolusIT Consultants' have expertise in Project Interventions, Need Analysis & Skill Gap Analysis.

We excel in identifying & delivering the content, supported with the main objective of achieving excellence in all the Training programs. Therefore, we bring the right mix of Training & Education with different levels of teams; be it onboarding a new team or skill development of the existing team. We achieve the desired results through project-based/ case study based training.

We Bring To You :

  • Training standards and Methodology.
  • Clear understanding of Technological, Behavioural & Pedagogic requirement
  • Training design mapped to the end objective of the participants
  • An option of Training to be conducted onsite or at a vendor location.
  • Experienced trainers with adequate work experience in the subject.
  • Different methodologies of training based on the need be it onboarding, upskilling or need-based.

Delivery Process

Our Delivery Engine is equipped with competent Resources & Processes to ensure zero defect execution.

Performance Management:

We proactively work with our clients, faculty members and other stakeholders. Our pre-defined process identifies tracks and monitors the performance of our faculty and execution of the process.

Back up of Trainers:

For every training need we identify minimum one backup trainer reachable in 12 Hrs.

Feedback & Improvement:

Every Module-wise feedback is obtained from, analyzed and the same is discussed with concerned stakeholders to ensure continuous & improved methods of training and monitoring of the performance.

Keeping Pace with the Emerging Technologies:

Work with a core group of Subject Matter Experts & Senior Members to research, upskill & reskill on new technology, we ensure to be always ahead.

Response Time Management:

We strive to respond the request within 2 working days. Training Delivery response based on requirements. Our SLAs clearly states response timelines. Internal process monitoring is 24 hours prior to actual time lines.

Client Satisfaction Management:

Periodic customer surveys and personal interaction with all stakeholders.